What It's Aah'bout...

My name is Chris Smitty, and this is my dream to help people realize better health in their lives. I was born with Sickle Cell disease and it plagued me until my early twenties until I decided to start winning the battle. Now that I am on the healthier side of life, I am determined to help as many people enjoy an active lifestyle filled with quality and vigor.

Regardless your level of fitness, health or competition, Aah Athletix is here to bring forth those qualities essential for taking you as far as you want to go.

Having the discipline to stay the course, the endurance to go the distance, the skills to be outstanding, and the determination to always be at your best aren't easy to come by, but together we can do it all.

If you've thought of the name of this brand, then surely you've thought of what it could mean. I've heard most folks say it must be an expression of excitement or some kind of battle-cry.

Aah's origin begins in ancient Kemet, modernly known as the Egyptian Empire. Having been a student of the God of Wisdom, Aah became the God of the moon and was the creator of the Egyptian calendar. Above you can see how Aah is illustrated in hieroglyphs, usually as a man wearing the Atef crown with a crescent moon resting upon it.

It became apparent that this crescent symbol is also widely used as a representation of several Sickle Cell Anemia groups and organizations, so I became confident in the name that represents this brand of athletic and health training, Aah! 

Aah Athletix also represents being in any set of circumstances and knowing that the time to grow and to overcome is always now, and when we look at life with faith and not with fear, the possibilities are unlimited.


I give much credit to Bryan Malloch Photography for helping me make this website presentable (at least). His talent is incredible, and his friendship and professionalism is honorable and much appreciated.

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