Water vs Weight

Twelve cups of water a day? For who? I’m six-feet tall and weight one-hundred and seventy-four pounds, plus I’m an athlete and live an incredibly active lifestyle AND I’m a Sickle Cell carrier; i know I need more water than just twelve cups.

Too many of these health hacks and tips leave-out too much information. This is one of them. So, I made this chart based on some research and personal experience to help us keep in mind how much water we need to drink each day.

As you’ll see, I’ve noted on the side that the lifestyle is a factor, which is what the twelve cup rule leave’s out. Twelve cups is really for someone who weights about 190 lbs and has an inactive lifestyle. If you’re a 180 pound professional athlete, training about four to five days a week and requiring lots of sleep, then you’d need about two cups more each day.

Take a look at this chart below to see what you require each day . . .

Water vs Weight-2.png

There’s a huge and obvious difference between, say, Kevin Hart the comedian and JJ Watt the pro football player. Although they both may workout, they’re both completely different sizes and each require at least a certain amount of water per their lifestyle.

The more energy you exert, the more you need to hydrate. The bigger and stronger you are, the more water you need to drink. The more active you are, you who are reading this, the more water you’re going to need!

Why I Think You Should Detox

At least four times each year we can all see nature's changes. We can all witness how nature reforms itself consistently offering us conditions that allows for life to exist. Yet, as this is nature's duty do this, the need for us to cleanse and detoxify our bodily system is just as important.

Down south, by February it was already 'springter' . . . when it's winter-springish, with some cold days but mostly warm days. While each year may render a more or less snow, rain, or drought, nature changes and does this as a natural process to keep itself vibrant. We call this planet Mother Earth because she nurtures all creation, and springtime is when she shows her beauty.

A complete bodily cleanse could help you in so many amazing ways. Your mental, emotional as well as your physical state needs this most, a replenishment of nutrients replacing anything that doesn't serve you. You deserve to feel refreshed and as invigorated as you can feel. As hard as you work, and with as much as you put your body through, it's time to take care of it.

I've been sharing detox methods, simple recipe's, guidelines and nutrition and exercise tips throughout this spring. I want for you to participate, actually perform a cleanse, at best, do it with a homie or someone you are closest to.

What I'm sure you're going to feel is uneasiness, at first, but a clarity in your five-senses and a flow of energy waiting to be unleashed from within you. Your spirit needs this most, as you prepare for the random or even expected changes that will effect your life and your family soon. Go forward with a clear conscious and achieve your destiny. It starts with you, and your temple.