Step 1

My goal is to put you on the best, most direct path towards optimal health. How you can help me help you is by completing a [written] assessment which reveals who you are, your goals and your reasons why improved health is important to you. Together we can determine the best approach to reach both of our goals. 

Step 2

After completing the [written]  assessment, for personal training, we can set a date to have a personal session so that I can take notes from what I see. For online training, we discuss an effective program, organize your timing and accountability, then we may begin training.


Step 3

I will submit to you an analysis of your results and goals, that way it may become as clear to you exactly what's expected of you to win. . Then, we will create your profile on the training app, learn how to navigate the app, then begin training and experience the joy of the journey!

Step 4

We track, measure and detail your progress each day. When changes and challenges occur, we will modify our approach in order to improve your development. After each phase, we reassess your capabilities and continue to develop your health in as many ways possible.