1. Complete a written assessment which tells me a little about yourself, the current state of your condition, and what you aspire towards. 

2. We review the assessment and discuss your needs and goals, mentally, nutritionally and physically.

3. Based on the [written] assessment and your goals, we create your profile on the Trainerize app (PC or smartphone accessible) where you will have your personalized program completed and ready for you to start!

4. You begin your program and learn about how to become the healthiest you've ever been, and how sustain that good health. 


Specializing in online training, I want you to have comfort going to whatever facility you like, even if it's at home, and I want to challenge you by preparing a complete program that helps you reach your goals.

You may already have a solid foundation of health but you may need a little extra help in certain areas. In my experience, the diet is the most difficult part. Let me help you find your best solution. 


Some of us may not want to be a pro bodybuilder or a pro athlete, and I'm one of those who just want to make the most of my body. By conditioning it to be strong, well-defined, and capable of so many things, your confidence will grow which, in life, opens unlimited possibilities.

Body Sculpting is for those who want to feel comfortable within their own skin, and who want to create a body to be proud of. Let's make the reflection in the mirror someone you'd be proud to be seen with.

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"Bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym..." -every trainer ever

You've heard this quote and probably many more sayings stressing the importance of your diet. It cannot be understated enough; your diet will determine your success.

My athletes can attest to me quoting, "When you have two people with the same level of talent and capabilities, the victor will be the one whose diet is tight."

The more discipline you can have with your diet, the better it will be for you to achieve the highest health for you! 

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Whatever your goal let's create a plan tailored to your individual needs.

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