My why...

Having been born with Sickle Cell Disease and being born the fourth of all boys, it seems I was always pre-determined down this path to training for watching my big brothers be the great athletes they were and still are. Yet, wanting to do everything that my brothers could do, I was limited due to this chronic condition.

If you had known me at all, you would know that Sickle Cell (SCD) wasn't going to stop me, only occasionally stall me. After years of fighting (mostly getting knocked down), I made up my mind about it: Either it was going to kill me, or I was going to learn how to have a quality of life without its interference.

Through the years of trial and error in maintaining my own vitality, I now have increasingly less health complications and and an increasing wealth of knowledge that I want to share with others.

Chronic illness, auto-immune disease, or any dis-ease has its difficulties. However, there is no goal with your health that cannot be achieved and realized. I tell my clients often, it's not a matter of can, it's a matter of will.

When certain values are applied, dreams are realized and life can have the most fulfilling affect. These are the values that I hone and what Aah Athletix encourages in each person. 

How important is better health to you? How great would it be if you could lose that extra weight, or improve your energies, or improved strength for good! Or how great would it be to be known as one of the top athletes every time you compete?

Aah Athletix's clients can tell you of the great changes they've experienced in as many ways that come to mind. Having worked with junior olympic athletes to collegiate athletes and everything in between, I want you to share these feelings and realize how much your life can change when health is the priority.